We’re Here to Help You Create Holiday Memories That Last a Lifetime

Our promise to YOU

Our aim is to inspire you to keep coming back

  • We will do our very best to deliver to you a wonderful holiday experience, regardless of when you come.
  • We will try to keep everything simple, from booking with us to check-in, to informing you of what’s going on during your stay, so you just need to concentrate on relaxing and having fun.
  • We will do everything before you arrive to ensure you have a great stay with us, but if something isn’t quite right we will work quickly to sort it out.
  • We promise the Oakfield Park Holidays staff will make you welcome, as they do us, and do everything to help you enjoy your stay by being courteous, highly trained and happy to assist you at all times.

Because, we want everyone to have the same great holiday experience

Your promise to US

  • You will look after and respect our holiday home and the park’s facilities so that everyone can enjoy them after your holiday. If there are any issues or damage you will notify us, by text, as soon as possible so we can fix it.
  • Most importantly, you have a wonderful, fun-filled stay at Oakdene Forest Park, & become loyal ambassadors for our 🏡 Ivy Nine Holiday Home.
  • You promise to tell all your friends and family through Facebook and other social media how wonderful your holiday has been so they can join you next time or book an adventure of their own.